Portrait of Amy

Amelie Protscher
Musical Generalist

Photo: Christian Appl 2004
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Yes, I know. I'm trying to keep them current :-)


Desney Bailey, Angela Brown, Eb Davis, Gordon Gatherer (voc/harp), Clarissa Hechavarria, Nina Hill, Kara Johnstad, Jan Ponsford, Shade White.
Helmut Bruger, Nina T. Davis (p/voc), Klaus Ignatzek, Christian Rannenberg (p/voc), Jessica Williams, Cris Williamson (p/voc).
Tom Blacksmith (g/b/voc), Namoli Brennet (g/voc), Deborah Campbell, Adrián Costa (g/voc), Brandy Herbert, Jan Hirte (g/voc), Sven Ramrath.
With Jan Hirte 2008 Kat Baloun, Marcos Coll (harp/voc).
Ray Blue (ts/ss), Roby Edwards (ts), Herbie Hart (ts), Reiner Hess (as), Christoph Sinnen (ss/as/ts), Tina Tandler (as/ss).
Scott White.
Otherwise, it seems to be a law of nature that bassists don't have web pages.
Ernst Bier, Andreas Bock, Sebastian Trupart, Marcel van Cleef.

With Jan Hirte. Photo: Schwe Schweizer 2008

Favorite Things

Forget Finale! This is the finest music notation program around, and it's FREE!
Everybody's favorite piano (that's if you're not a Boesendorfist).
My living room grand is a beautiful Model 7 from 1911. Kudos go out to Reinhard Diehl for donating it to me. If you want to know more about these pianos that "sing" more than any other, check out their website (although I do prefer their pre-war ones)!
They made my rehearsal room piano. It's not a bad one. So they get a link here.
Musik-Service Berlin
The cool guys & gals at my favorite music store are looking forward to your visit.
They sell music by women for women. A good thing.


PHP home page
Includes a language reference.
All about Perl, the scripting language.
The W3C's CSS page
Learn about Cascading Style Sheets. They're a great way to tune the looks of your web page. I used them heavily on mine.
The Edge
Dedicated to pushing the sundry applications of CSS to the max. A lot of design ideas you see on this web page, I got from there. Thanks, Eric!
Linux Magazine
because in a free world, we need neither Windows nor Gates. German sister site.

...And There's Also

PR services by veteran publicist Andrea Protscher
Sukkat Schalom
A friendly and open Liberal Jewish synagogue in Berlin.
Bet Debora
Bet Debora is a shining example that feminism and Judaism are not mutually exclusive.
Mensa in DeutschlandMensa Mblem
A society for bright people. In the words of one Mensan, smack dab in the middle between being a mental sports club, an elite network and a self-help group. Click on the Mblem to go to Mensa's international site.